How To Use YouTube for E-commerce Business Growth

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YouTube for E-commerce

Yes, you read it right! Why not use YouTube for e-commerce business growth when you have unlimited access to this e-commerce marketing platform.

Plus YouTube is completely free to use.

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world!

More than 5 billion videos are being watched every day by YouTube visitors.

And, it only makes sense to use this platform to promote your products/services and create brand awareness by developing a loyal following.

However, you need to make sure you stand out of the crowd to get attention of your target audience.

YouTube has massive selling potential, so you must grab this opportunity and reach out to your customers.

And, with this article, you’ll find out how you can leverage it to boost your e-commerce sales.

Before moving forwar let’s see what makes it an effective selling tool!

What makes YouTube a popular selling tool for e-commerce business?

Now, that you are here, reading this article, it indicates that you definitely want massive exposure for your e-commerce business. Right?

YouTube is the best platform to showcase your brand to a wide audience.

So, when they need a product or services that you offer, they think of your brand!

According to the HubSpot Research, internet users’ behaviour is shifting towards growing interest in visual content. Also, there has been a change in where they read content, and going for social media platforms than opting for traditional methods.

type of content

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The popularity video content is growing immensely and is expected to grow further.

In fact, as per Cisco, by 2019, 80% of web traffic would be videos.

All you need to do is get your videos in front of the right viewers.

But how do you do that when you are competing with over 50 million other videos for attention.

The best part is, with more than 50 million videos, you also have an access to more than a billion active YouTube users.

Your audience is already there. You just need to attract them.

How To Use YouTube for E-commerce Business Growth?

So let’s see some tricks to use YouTube for your e-commerce business growth.

1. Stay loyal to your brand
2. Discover your content rhythm
3. Develop your following
4. Rock with how-to videos
5. Leverage product reviews
6. Include a product FAQ
7. Cross-promotion
8. Your call-to-action (CTA) matters!
9. Promote your content

#1: Stay loyal to your brand

Your YouTube channel is an extension if your own website.

So, make sure it looks like one so that your customers immediately recognize your brand.

You got to be consistent, be it your website, social media platforms or a video platform such as YouTube.

Your visitors need to see your story at least 5 times when you want them to have a visual imprint of your brand and remember you in near future.

Usually, it takes 5-7 brand impressions before anyone remembers you.

This is why, you need to be consistent throughout every single platform.

It’s like creating a cohesive story, that builds a cognitive link between you and your reader.

So, create some good stories that not just connect customers but connect with customers.


image source:

Here’s a great example by Toms.

They put their mission statement in front and center on their website.

It helps create an impact.

And, here’s how their YouTube Channel looks like:

Toms YouTube Channel

image source:

You can easily recognize the brand with their logo, colour palette, and other branding elements.

Additionally, they make sure to carry over their mission statement in their YouTube video playlist, too.

It definitely looks and feels like an extension to their brand.

So, how do you make your YouTube Channel an extension of your website?

  • Take a look at  YouTube’s customization features
  • Next you need to add your brand flavor to your YouTube channel
  • With YouTube you can easily brand your channel with your logo, images and other design elements
  • Use keywords to boost your brand identity. Opt for free keyword tools like Ubersuggest

Now that you have discovered your brand identity and correct keywords, it’s time to focus on your content.

#2: Discover your content rhythm

Your content matters when you are using YouTube for e-commerce business growth.

So, make sure you post content on a regular basis.

If you fail to post often enough then your audience may quickly lose interest in your brand and forget that you exist.

Start with identifying your content marketing goals.

It can be anything like.. to build an email list or drive customers to your e-commerce store.

So, figure out your top 3 goals at least to make the right strategy.

In fact, 72% of content marketers believe that content strategy development is the most significant factor for the company’s overall success.

The next step is to discover your biggest challenges and start fixing them.

Now that you have addressed your challenges, you got your content and right keywords.. it’s time to post your content online.

So, make sure you post your content when web traffic is highest.

See the stats:


image source:

It can be said that normally web traffic is higher on weekends.

All you need to do is consider your target audience and start posting.

You can opt for free tools such as YouTube Analytics if you are not sure how to find best times to post for your brand content.

#3: Develop your following

Without your audience, your goal to drive more traffic to your e-commerce store and convert it into sales goes in vain.

The views and shares of your content largely depends on the number of your subscribers.

So, the bigger the audience, the more brand credibility and awareness.

You can say that YouTube ‘popularity’ has a snowball effect.

In order to be successful, you need to have a great understanding about the person you are reaching out to.

Connecting with the right audience is crucial to be successful.

Once you connect with your audience, subscriber numbers will automatically follow.

One such example is Banish skincare.

The CEO of Banish, Daisy Jing, evaluated that she needed to create a connection with viewers who were having same trouble: acne!

So, instead of making flashy marketing videos on YouTube, she was open and vulnerable and that worked for her.

Now, Banish generates more than $3 million in revenue from just YouTube subscribers.

Once you have created your follower base, next step is to make them stick to your brand.

#4: Rock with how-to videos

When it come’s to YouTube for e-commerce you must add how-to videos to your channel.

How-to videos are also known as ‘explainer videos’ as they explain what your brand stands for or how to use your products.

Do they work? Absolutely.

How-to videos allow you to drive revenues.

In fact, 50% of YouTube subscribers (age between 18-34) stated that they would leave everything else and watch a new video from one of their favorite brands or channels.

So, teach everyone how to use your products.

This way you can capitalize on loyalty in the e-commerce industry.

Additionally, it has been observed that, up to 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

Once you understand how to create explainer videos, you are good to go.

You can also create a playlist for your YouTube channel with how-to videos.

It helps you promote your content like a pro and make user experience better.

#5: Leverage product reviews

Yes, the next step in using YouTube for e-commerce business is leveraging product reviews.

Genuine, candid product reviews help you develop credibility.

In fact, more than 84% of consumers trust product reviews just like they would trust a recommendation from friends and family.

So, how do you create a great product review video?

Your product review video help consumer realise why they need your product and how it can improve their life.

Meaning, you need to focus on solutions and not selling.

It is observed that more than 67% of YouTube viewers use videos for informational product reviews to make a purchase decision.

You can look at any popular YouTube channel.

But why are they so popular?

They all use this formula: education, storytelling, and recommendation for a brand or product that they are willing to promote.

You can also hire some YouTube influencer to review your brand based on their compatibility with your brand.

Go for someone who resonates with your brand.

You can use tools like Social Bluebook, to allow you to connect with the right channels.

It let’s you see key matrics for influence channels, along with follower information and engagement grades.

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#6: Include a product FAQ

Your FAQ does play a role when you are promoting your brand using YouTube for e-commerce.

So, a simple trick to introduce your brand to people is by creating a short 5-10 questions FAQ about the products/services you offer.

Make it easier for your customers to learn about the use of your products.

FAQs allow you to address potential buyer concerns even before they as any questions.

This helps you keep your customers happy and encourage future sales.

Consider these tips while you are using YouTube for e-commerce:

  • Keep your videos short, including FAQs (30 seconds or less is recommended)
  • Viewers retain 95% of the video they see as compared to only 10% of what they read
  • If you manage to connect with your audience then they are more likely to buy from you again
  • Try tools like TubeBuddy to perform A/B tests on your video thumbnails, length, view rates, etc.

Now that you know your YouTube rhythm and have already started making a buzz for your brand.

It’s time to capitalize on your brand’s popularity.

#7: Cross-promotion

One quick way to grow your YouTube channel is cross-promotion.

Your visibility increases and you get a massive push in your credibility when you work with an already established YouTube channel to promote your content.

You must give it a shot.

There are 500 hours of YouTube video being posted every 60 seconds.

This is why, you need to stay ahead in the league.

You can start by adding links to other channels in comments or in your end screens and ask them to do the same for you.

Just like product reviews, cross-promotions emphasize on features and functionality of your products.

But the key difference here is:

Cross-promotion is like a ‘trade-off’. YouTube channels that cross-promote your brand would expect you to do the same for them.

So, make sure you reach out to the right channels.

As you don’t want to end up promoting channels that have nothing to do with your brand. Right?

You can use tools such as Social Blade to find out other channels in your niche. ‘

Now that you have your cross-promotion in place, you need to indicate your viewers what you want them to do with it.

#8: Your call-to-action (CTA) matters!

Provide a clear direction to your viewers. Your CTA do matter.

Call-to-action buttons drive viewer behaviour.

So, be specific, tell them what you want them to do.

Be it Download content? Visit your store? Subscribe? Buy a product? Just tell them.

Your end screen is a huge target for your viewers to click on.

It allows you to keep them engaged with your content.

You can use tools like Cards to complement your YouTube CTAs.

Cards are preformatted boxes that pop up inside your videos.

And, you can place them wherever you like – in the beginning, middle or end of your videos.

CTA are crucial when it comes to your YouTube videos.

In fact, YouTube has a 1.16% conversion rate for channels that guide viewers to take actions.

And, in this highly competitive e-commerce era, every conversion matters!

#9: Promote your content

Don’t wait for your potential customers to find your channel on their own.

Those countless hours of content creation and polishing your channel..all that hard work would be paid off, once you reach out to your viewers.

You can start off by promoting your YouTube channel on other platforms.

Also, you can embed a link to your YouTube channel in an email to increase your reach.

In addition to this, you can add a link to your video in your latest blog post.

Use your own content to promote your brand.

It has been observed that campaigns that integrate four or more digital channels outperform single or duel-channel campaigns by 300%.

So, go ahead and pick one digital channel and track your progress.

For example: Email. It is 40 times better than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to acquiring new customers.

So, why not include some YouTube links in your email newsletters.

Once you do that, next step is to check your subscribers and viewer rates.

Now that you have mastered the email/YouTube combination, try YouTube and other digital channels to promote your brand.

Wrap Up

Less than 10% small businesses use YouTube and still it is one of the most popular and powerful social media platform in use.

You get exposure to people all around the world.

Plus, YouTube is accessible to any firm irrespective of the industry you are in.

And, if you aren’t using it to promote your brand and create loyal customer base, then you are missing a big opportunity.

YouTube has more than 1 billion active users.

And, you don’t want to miss that huge chunk of audience. Right?

YouTube is a great platform to put your content out there for right audience to see it.

So, make sure you leverage YouTube and other tools it offers you for free!

Customize your channel and develop a lasting brand impression.

Make it look like it’s the extension of your website, your brand.

And, start focusing on your content.

Create unique experiences for your viewers through explainer videos, product reviews, cross-promotion, etc.

Have the right blend of branding, call-to-action (CTAs), your awesome content to distinguish your brand in the crowd.

And, start generating leads for your e-commerce store by using YouTube.

Do let us know how you use YouTube to drive more business to your e-commerce portal in the comments below.

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