Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

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Top 10 Ways to increase your conversion rate right now.

Improving conversion rates improves profits dramatically. Conversion rates are the percentage of potential customers who take a particular action you want. Your current conversion rates may be good but they can always get better! This can be done as below.

1. Variations of Call for Action (CTA) button and Landing Page:

CTA button tells your customers what action you want them to perform and plays a vital role in your display ads. Your “BUY NOW” or “ORDER NOW” button may get different results depending on where it is placed, its colour and size. Place, colour and size of CTA buttons may affect visitors’ perception towards your product or service. Further, different colours may signify different meanings to different customers (for example: white may be calming, red may evoke feeling of passion or anger etc). Therefore, experimenting numerous variations of CTA button and testing a variety of palettes for landing page may be a good option so as to identify those combinations that result in optimal conversion rate.

2. Stating benefits of your product or service:

Apart from listing features of your product letting your customer’s know about the benefit i.e. how your product or service will enable them to solve their problems will ultimately boost conversion rates. Further details regarding what differentiates your product from competitors’ product, the way your product looks, its possible uses, potential beneficiaries, products delivery details and so on will provide further insights to potential customers. In addition to this, if you are offering a tangible product, you may consider including persuasive statements like the number of remaining stock with product description (example: “ORDER NOW…only 5 left in stock”, “UNTILL STOCK LASTS” or “FOR LIMITED TIME”) this may help to initiate conversions.

3. Headlines:

Headlines on your website pages entice visitors to read further or exit site immediately, this explains why headlines matters in order to increase conversion rates. So you are required to test new headlines frequently to identify its impact on conversion rates. In addition to this, perception based positioning strategy will ensure your customers are emotionally attached to your product and using emotionally-charged language and amazing storytelling will lure visitors to try your product . Similarly, loosing hype and emphasising on writing clear and compelling copy will help your visitors to make purchase decisions.

4. Offering Guarantees:

Offering guarantee for products and services you offer develops confidence among customers thereby increases conversion rates. Providing guarantee for longer duration (365 days verses 30 days) will definitely increase conversion rates even more.

5. Using Video:

When it comes to brand nothing can be better than adding human touch to promote your product or service. This may be done by including a simple video that shows there is a real person behind your brand.

6. Social Proof and Contact Details:

By adding social proof in form of customer testimonials or case studies to your website virtually will enable you to increase conversions. Providing contact details such as a phone number, email id, or live chat options increases conversions ensuring visitors faith in your company being ‘real’ and being available to answer their queries.

7. Related products:

Recommending related products to your customers by including links to related content or products will ensure that customers spend enough time on your website by keeping them engaged and on your website thereby increasing conversion rates or your website.

8. Meeting Pay per Click (PPC) visitors expectations:

When visitors come to your landing page via PPC ad, ensuring your ad copy is consistent with your landing page copy is the key to meet customers’ expectations. This ad should tell exactly what customers will find as soon as they click through your site. Any misleading ad may affect brand image of the company.

9. Rapid Execution:

Being prepared for dynamic changes is the key to succeed in any business and same rule applies for online businesses as well. Websites require to be flexible and respond to changes in online business environment. Companies may monitor its performance by: identifying problems, high bounce and exit rate, create a to do list, document its hypothesis, prioritise it’s to do list and lastly conduct testing in order to move forward and measure its company’s progress.

10. Consumer Reviews:

Consumer reviews tend to influence visitors purchase decisions positively and negatively. In fact, its human tendency to make purchase decisions based on consumer reviews. Therefore, including consumer reviews to your website ensures increase in conversion rates. Further, while taking feedback from customers, keeping numerous fields optional increases the likelihood that visitors will complete the form while additional information may be asked later.

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