How To Outsource WordPress Web Development Projects Successfully

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Whether you’re running a Web Agency or business which is looking for a website outsourcing partner and wondering how to outsource WordPress web development projects successfully? You may have a lot of doubts and questions about what if’s, this is why this article is for you.

There are two ways to go about it.

You get to choose based on your requirements. When you are looking for someone to do your work quickly and cheaply you can hire a freelancer.

In contrast to this, if you are keen to work with reliable teams of professionals who offer great quality work, outsourcing to a WordPress web development company would be a better option. Outsourcing your WordPress web development projects helps you keep costs lower. Also, selecting the right outsourcing partner to ensure that tasks are carried out efficiently. Additionally, your business benefits from your partner’s expertise. So, you need to consider a few things before hiring a WordPress web development company.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that”

Paul Cookson

How to Outsource WordPress Web Development Projects Successfully

Step 1: Find the right partner
Step 2: Communicate
Step 3: Feedback
Step 4: Ask Questions
Step 5: Project Manager
Step 6: Begin with Small Projects
Step 7: Contract

Step 1: Find the right partner

Know what you want before looking for the right partners to outsource WordPress web development projects. As mentioned earlier, you can choose a freelancer or a web development company. Different companies specialize in different tasks. For instance: some companies may specialize in mobile development while some are really awesome with WordPress and web design. Your clue here is that check out their previous projects and who they have worked with in the past. Based on this, you can decide whether their previous projects have similar or compatible design style of what you have in mind.

So, in the initial stage, you can list down a few companies in a particular country (countries like India have a pool of talented WordPress web development companies who offer outsourcing services at best prices) and start a conversation. And, see which WordPress web development company best suits your requirements.

Step 2: Communicate

Make sure there is a continuous flow of communication between you and the company you are outsourcing to. As communication may be hampered due to different time zones, work schedules, availability, etc. There are many tools available to ensure smooth communication between parties.

You can opt for communication tools like:

  • GitHub
  • InVision
  • Moqups
  • Slack
  • Asana
  • Teamweek, etc.

You can use these tools to track your project’s progress, communicate, and share design work and code. This ensures that you and your WordPress web development company (outsourcing partner) are on the same page. Effective communication helps you to take your business to a completely new level.

Step 3: Feedback

Feedback is important when you outsource WordPress web development projects. Speak your mind to ensure outsourced projects are successful. Customer’s input is the most valuable resource any company would love have, right! Feedback helps you to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. So, make sure you share it with your outsourcing partner (WordPress web development company) as well. This allows them to know if there is anything that needs more attention. And, also fix problems at an early stage.

Step 4: Ask Questions

Visualize the project from beginning to end. Consider any problems that may arise. Also, ensure that you cover all the bases and receive straight forward answers. You can also prepare a list of questions if needed. Ask questions and get to know the firm you are working with and their value proposition as well. This helps you clear your doubts.

Step 5: Project Manager

Make sure you have a project manager for your outsourced WordPress projects. This ensures that everyone is kept in the loop. Additionally, he/she would oversee all activities related to your outsourced projects. Having a project manager is important as they would take care of all the outsourced work. And, communicate with you as well. This also helps to quickly resolve issues related to outsourced WordPress web development projects.

Step 6: Begin with Small Projects

If you still have any doubts regarding outsourcing your WordPress projects then start with small tasks. Begin with projects that are relatively smaller and simple in scope. This allows you to have a better understanding of the company’s capabilities and their service quality. Go slowly and commit gradually.

Step 7: Contract

You can have a contract if you want. Though this is not compulsory. In case, your freelancer quits, you would have to start from scratch.

However, when you hire a WordPress web development company, they would support and have a record of your work, in case the developer on your project leaves. The key benefit of outsourcing to a web development company is that you can ask them to have insurance for the code. You are covered financially in case something crashes.

Wrap Up

Outsourcing your WordPress projects can be a boon for your company. Your company grows faster as you are able to serve more customers in a limited time. You are just required to pass on the customer requirements and the rest is taken care off. It saves you time and costs. Outsourcing your web development projects is not a difficult task at all. Just make sure you have smooth communication and good management. If these two factors are in place, your outsourced WordPress web development projects would definitely be successful.

If you are interested in growing your business and outsourcing WordPress web development projects, just get in touch with us.

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