How To Make Money With Your Own E-commerce Store

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If you want to make money with your own e-commerce store. You are at the right place!

Often people dream about earning a living from home.

And, there’s no better time to start your own online store than NOW!

Global E-commerce sales

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Global retail sales have been increasing and are expected to grow even further.

Smartphones are catching up the market when it comes to placing an online shopping order.

This opens up the new opportunities for e-commerce store owners.

This article shows exactly how you can get started in this fast growing industry.

These hacks cover both desktop and mobile sites and anything and everything in between.

1. Get a website
2. Use Social media pages for promotion
3. eBay store
4. Create Amazon seller’s account
5. Craigslist ads
6. Participate in Online forums
7. Know your customers
8. Re-market – email lists
9. Blog
10. Start a YouTube channel

Simple steps to make money with your own e-commerce store

Now let’s see these simple steps in detail so you can make money.

1. Get a website

When you are starting a traditional brick-and-mortar store, you begin with one thing: location.

So is true with your e-commerce store.

Your conversion funnel is the base of your online marketing, and it takes lot of effort to build it.

conversion funnel

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When you have your own website, you have everything in control.

Your website allows you to host your contact information, product pages, blog, and much more.

There are several great platforms for you to choose from.

Platforms like WooCommerce for WordPress, and Shopify allows you to create your own e-commerce store.

You can also avoid all the hassle and get an e-commerce store build by experts.

Once your online store is ready, you can kick start your offsite efforts to drive organic traffic.

2. Use Social media pages for promotion

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

It is inevitable.

As per ‘We are Social Report’ 2017 from Hootsuite, 2.789 billion of the Internet’s 3.772 billion users are active on social media.

Now, that’s a large share (37%) of the population.

So, make sure your promote your online store using social media and build a solid following.

Your friends and family trust you already.

Targeting these audience would get you..your initial sales.

Today, social media is a strong marketing tool.

You can’t afford to ignore it!

You can use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. to promote your e-commerce business and create brand awareness.

Of course there are many more social media platforms. So, go ahead and find the most suitable platform for your business.

In order to leverage the popularity of the social media platforms you need a website already up and running.

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3. eBay store

eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

In fact, as per Statista, it has more than 171 million active users.

This makes it a really profitable place to establish a shop and attract customers.

Lind Lightman opened her Linda’s Stuff luxury consignment store on ebay.

And, her store generates $25 million a year!

Starting with eBay is similar to creating an account. It’s free, however you can pay extra for the store.

You can either go for a Basic ($24.95/month), Premium ($74.95/month), or Anchor ($349.95/month) account as per your requirement.

Additionally, you can personalise your store by having a personalized URL.

You can also link to other listings within your listings.

Apart from the store fee, you need to pay a commission percentage to the house when you are using eBay platform to sell your products.

Moreover, as your sales volume increases, listing fees would be higher.

The plus side is that eBay offers you massive exposure through its partner network and remarketing tools.

It also assist you in building and maintaining a customer database, test pricing strategies, and much more.

4. Create Amazon seller’s account

The other awesome way to make money is to set up an Amazon seller account.

Amazon’s half of the sales are generated from third-party sellers like you.

And, you would definitely benefit from the exposure it offers.

Additionally, Amazon is the 7th most-trafficked website online.

You can create two types of Amazon seller account:

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and
  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) sellers directly ship to customers.

And, Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers ship to Amazon distribution centers, which then ship the products to buyers.

Fee structure differs for both type of accounts however the major difference is on-site search ranking.

Only FBA sellers are able to list Prime-eligible items.

This is key filter used to search the Amazon site.

FBA items rank higher in the search results.

Amazon is a very popular platform, why not use it to boost your e-commerce sales!

5. Craigslist Ads

Other simple trick is to post Craigslist ads.

It is one of the valuable tool with more than 60 million active users (as per Craigslist fact sheet).

It is a good platform to find employees, franchise your business, and sell your products/services.

You can start off by clicking on ‘post to classifieds’ and following the menu tree to create your ad.

Once you are done, just click the link in your confirmation email to publish the post.

Lastly, just be wary of who you ship items to or meet in person.

It’s always safe to meet in public places when you are doing in-person transactions.

6. Participate in Online forums

Participation in online forums is important as it helps you create backlinks.

Backlinks are must for SEO.

Your inbound links signal Google that you are a reputable site.

You can generate quality backlinks in many ways.

However, when you are just starting out, you can go with posting in forums.

Reddit is one of the most popular forum on the web.

Reddit has a simple layout and voting system.

And, it can be used for discussions on almost every subject.

However, just be carefully with the content you post.

You might be banned in case if you post any spammy content.

So, make sure you add value to the conversation.

You can comment on topics that are related to your industry.

Don’t ask for sales directly.

And, focus on the information that might be useful for your audience.

Quora is another platform you can opt for.

It is a question-and-answer forum that provides expert answers to questions.

Just like Reddit, you must add value.

Participating in forums make your position stronger in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? start participating in community through forums.

7. Know your customers

Once you have everything in place, you will get an idea about who is actually viewing your e-commerce site.

You can use Google Analytics to find out who is looking and who’s buying from you.

All you need to do is link Google Analytics to your e-commerce site using a tracking ID.

To link it, go to your ‘Property column’ and click on ‘Admin and Tracking Info’.

Once you copy and paste this into your e-commerce site code, you will be able to track visitors.

Initially, you can track general demographic information.

In addition to this, you can also check where your traffic comes from.

Social, organic search, direct, and referral are the main sources of traffic.

This would give you an idea regarding which marketing effort works for your audience.

Based on this information, you can manage your budgets and resources.

These statistics are a great way to figure out how you are doing.

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8. Re-market – email lists

Email-marketing is the one of the most popular communication technique.

As per a recent study, 94% of all adults online use email.

Additionally, it has one of the best ROIs when it comes to digital marketing.

You can opt for marketing automation tools to make your email marketing efforts effective.

MailChimp is one such popular e-mail marketing tool.

You can create drag-and-drop email templates using MailChimp.

If you are startup business, a free version would work for you.

Later, when your business grows, you can get an upgraded version that is available for $10/month.

Again, you can get the full functionality at the Pro level.

Of course MailChimp is just one example.

There are numerous options available for you.

So, create the right email marketing campaign, and increase the direct and referral traffic to your e-commerce portal.

9. Blog

As per the HubSpot’s State of Inbound study, it is observed that 65% of marketers struggle to generate traffic and leads.

Generating traffic and leads is one of the biggest marketing challenge faced by marketers.

No matter if you are starting your first online store or you are a head of a multi-million-dollar retail conglomerate.

Blogging helps you overcome lead generation related issues.

It is seen that B2B marketers receive 67% more leads using blogs.

Blogs are free to create, and they help you boost your keyword density, indexed pages, and available search results.

A recent study showed that 38% of marketers considered blogging as the most important content for marketers.

Often you find people using blogging to drive majority of their traffic.

Creating a good blog takes time.

However, it is a great long-term ROI strategy.

The more you blog, the more traffic you would drive.

Just make sure your blogs provide value to the readers.

10. Start a YouTube channel

Just like blogging you can use YouTube to drive more traffic to your e-commerce store.

This would definitely help you boost your e-commerce conversions.

YouTube is a huge platform. It allows you to promote your brand to more than one billion monthly visitors.

Owned by Google, YouTube is a sure shot way to appear in Google search results.

Video marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing.

More than 50% of internet users look for videos before visiting any online store.

This is why, you shouldn’t ignore when you want to grow your e-commerce business.

Initially, you can start off with unboxing, demonstration, and review videos.

Brands are constantly coming up with new techniques to use YouTube for brand promotion.

Like Facebook Live, YouTube also offers live-streaming option for you.

So, make sure you use these tools to promote your e-commerce business.

Here’s how you can use YouTube for your e-commerce business.

Wrap Up

These simple tricks would definitely help you build a profitable e-commerce business.

You can try these tricks and see what combination works for your business.

  • Get a website
  • Use Social media pages for promotion
  •  eBay store
  • Create Amazon seller’s account
  • Craigslist ads
  • Participate in Online forums
  • Know your customers
  • Re-market – email lists
  • Blog
  • Start a YouTube channel

Once you figure out your target market, you are good to go.

All these efforts may take time, just keep trying.

Eventually, you’ll know what works for your target audience.

Use this guide and keep moving forward.

Do let us know what was your experience when you build your first e-commerce store, in the comments below.

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