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Smart Restaurant

Our Smart Restaurant management POS system is based on an user-friendly interface that any restaurant or dhaba can use without any difficulty. The Smart Restaurant is flexible to meet your precise needs. It supports table order management, kitchen order tickets to wireless mobile order terminals and can be used with or without internet connection. It also comes with smart features such as daily sales report to measure the performance of your business and option to let your customers order directly through tablets saving you time and money.

Depending upon your requirements, our Smart Restaurant system can be scaled up or down and configured with receipt printers, wireless order terminals, cash registers, kitchen order displays, etc.

Basic Setup: Computer/POS Terminal attached with a Receipt Printer.

Advanced Setup: Computer/POS Terminal, Printer, Cash Register, Mobile Terminals/Tablets, Card POS Terminal and Kitchen Order Display.

Everything your restaurant needs



Supports cash, card or cheque payment methods. Customer can also split the bill.

Table Management

Send orders directly from the table to the kitchen. Keep track of all table orders at the same time.

Save Money and Time

Smart Restaurant let's you focus on customer service even with a small number of staff. Track average order time.

User Friendly

Works with computer or tablets. With just click of a button food items to order. It supports express checkout to manage rush hours.



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Our Smart Restaurant management software is perfect for restaurants and bars which need a point of sale solution to improve customer service and manage orders in more efficient way.

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